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Pat Robertson Speaks at National Press Club

Pat assesses the status of Christianity in the world today and outlines the political goals of people of faith.

1992 Republican Convention Speech

Pat refutes an article on the MSNBC Web site. "Since we can never rely on the liberal media to tell the truth, I am including my speech at Houston on my Web site for the record."

Why Evangelical Christians Support Israel

Pat celebrates the shared heritage of Christianity and Judaism and argues that a Palestinian state would mean the destruction of Israel.

The Roots of Terrorism and a Strategy for Victory

Pat traces the roots of terrorism in the tenets of Islam. He proposes a strategy for overcoming terrorism and predicts ultimate victory.

Restore America to its Jeffersonian Ideals

Pat notes this country's foundation in Jeffersonian ideals and calls for a recommitment to these God-given liberties.

A Presidential Bid Launched

Pat calls for a united front in facing America's problems and announces his willingness to run for President of the United States.

A Presidential Bid Ended

Pat Robertson shares his vision for America as he endorses former opponent George Bush for president of the United States at the 1988 Republican National Convention.

Take Care of America

America is experiencing unequaled economic prosperity, but is failing morally. Elected leaders need to be bolder in speaking out on America's moral decline.

Restore State Rights and Public Morality

Pat Robertson analyzes the balance of powers in national government and calls for a restoration of congressional authority, states rights, and public morality.


Iran-Contra Hearings Contradict Rule of Law

Pat Robertson criticizes congressional tactics in hearings regarding Iran-Contra.

Conservatism Will Triumph

Pat Robertson urges conservatives to take up the standard and continue the battle for a strong America.

Religious Broadcasters Must Be Salt and Light

Pat Robertson describes the moral decline of America, the hostility to the Gospel and the history of cultures that drive morality out of public life.

U.N.: A Bitter Disappointment

Pat reviews the history of mankind's search for peace and concludes that the United Nations has failed as a consensus-building institution devoted to freedom.

Road To Victory '94

Pat celebrates the strength of the conservative movement, exposes the errors of the opposition, and calls for a restoration of morality and goodness.

Concerned Citizens Can Return America to its Roots

Pat looks at the toll taken on America by a faith in humanism instead of the God worshipped by our founding fathers.

The Turning Tide

The genius of the American political system is that it allows Americans to experience the true freedom that comes not from political systems but from God.

Citizens of Character Must Get Involved

Pat chronicles the undermining of integrity and of confidence in absolutes in America and urges people of faith to get involved.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
—Philippians 4:13

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